Paper Chef is on again!

Thanks to Kevin over at Seriously Good. Really – lots of thanks – I am getting about 5 hours sleep a night and am having to let lots of things slide. Here is the announcement. Here is the final ingredient list and kickoff.

Final ingredients: miso, lavender, chickpeas and something local. This one promises to be tough to do and with some great results. I have noticed that in the past the tougher mixes of ingredients result in the best dishes.

I am unlikely to be able to take part – although weekends are generally work free they are instead housework full – but maybe maybe. I can swing everything involved without going shopping except the miso. Anyway – have fun and thanks again Kevin…

15 responses to “Paper Chef is on again!

  1. 2-minute Noodle Cook

    Don’t overwork! Taking a break is seriously good 🙂

  2. As someone who has not been posting much lately, I can completely sympathize. Take care!


    (Oh, and here is my entry.

  3. Hopefully you’re still cooking but just lack the time to writing it all up!

  4. I am still cooking – less than I would like – but still enough – I even have a little list of things to write about if and when the time comes…

  5. Gabriella True

    I can’t wait until the next one! that was so fun.

  6. I think that ever since noodlecook and bellly timber won, the contest has become intimidating and a bit o a sideshow. they make food we cant compete with. maybe there should be a rule, you can only win once every three months or something?

  7. I know what you mean – it is fun to see the wild and wacky but it is also good to see the truly satisfying and straightforward. I’m going to take the opportunity of being on the sidelines to think about it a bit. Maybe two categories…

  8. “sideshow?”

    That’s it, Anonymous. Pistols at dawn!

    (And who’s to say our food isn’t satisfying? Hell, I’m still chowing down our chickpea spread…)

    In all seriousness, as I mentioned on Kevin’s blog, I’m all for categories. They help tons with the judging and they do seem to bring in more participants, which is always a good thing.

  9. Tony of bachelor cooking

    thanks for the reminder.. I am headed right there

  10. 2-minute Noodle Cook

    2nd June is Paper Chef weekend? Who’s hosting? I really like the Super Saver and Home Cook categories.

  11. Mostly leaving this because Owen was so swell in a comment on my site — and because I want to start participating in Paper Chef next time around. Thanks for all this.

    And, I know it makes no sense to say this, but in my experience the busier you are, the more important it is to stop and do nothing for at least 5minutes a day. Absolutely nothing.

  12. What the FUCK is a tomatillA? It doesn’t exist.

  13. not to put too fine a point on it anonymous…who asked you? are you trying to say this site doesn’t exist? that way lies madness….oh.

    and – please – no swearing

  14. One more comment — watch for some information on a day without food blogging in support of the hunger strike against the Iraq War.

  15. Hey you! Where ya been?

    Come back, we miss you!

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