Monthly Archives: February 2007

Paper Chef is on! 24th Edition – Peas In The Middle East

Here we go:

the theme this month is ‘Peas in the Middle East’ – interpret that how you will peas/peace/middle eastern dishes, etc.

The four random ingredients are:


As usual substitute away for allergies/vegetarianism/inability to get ingredients.

Dead Presidents and Paper Chef starting in a few hours

Because here in the US this weekend is a time to celebrate all the dead presidents, I am kicking Paper Chef off in a few hours. Here is the final list of ingredients:

peas, olives, feta, ice, dates, chickpeas, prunes, coffee, bay leaves, cucumber, couscous, pomegranate, prosciutto, rice, chili, saffron, almonds, lemon, eggplant (aubergine) and something connected to your heritage. Stay tuned for the final four choices!

Entries will be due in by Wednesday noon PST partly because of the dead presidents and partly because I may be too busy to really get to anything until Wednesday evening.

Paper Chef Update

Well, it looks like people are still coming out of the woodwork, so I’m going to hold until next week in the hope that we get more ingredients.

Right now the list is:

peas, olives, feta, ice, dates, chickpeas, prunes, coffee, bay leaves, cucumber, couscous, pomegranate, prosciutto, rice and chili.

While we wait, a Paper Chef Recap

While the nominations are starting to come in I felt I should keep the potential participants informed and entertained, so I’m going to run a brief recap of Paper Chef through the past ages.

The initial announcement, back in November 2004, was a little sparse compared to the current rules. And our very first winner was Viv of Seattle Bon Vivant for a Curried Chicken And Squash Soup With Meyer Lemon & Ginger.

The second winner was the incredibly popular Domestic Goddess with Lemon Chicken Rolls (with citrus dipping sauce) (required ingredients were potatoes, savoy cabbage, chicken and lemon). This event was notable for a serious entry (from my brother) cooked in a microwave.

And the third? This was for wheat flour, cinnamon, crème fraîche and oranges – and the winner was Sam of Becks’n’Posh for Potted Wensleydale Cheese with Mulled Port Wine Jelly and Home-baked Digestive biscuits.

I’ll cover some more past winners etc. as the week progresses. For now, the ingredient nomination list is up to: peas, olives, feta, ice, dates, chickpeas, prunes, coffee and bay leaves. Please nominate more in comments (two per person at most please).