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Paper Chef Update …and all things Paper Chef

Well, Ilva, over at the truly lovely blog Lucullian Delights, has decided to take on Paper Chef so that it doesn’t die out. I’m really happy because she has always been one of its biggest supporters (and one of the best entrants). This way my little monthly event will carry on.

For those of you coming over here from her blog or who have no idea what I’m talking about, below is a little potted history of Paper Chef.

Essentially it is a little event for food bloggers modeled loosely on the Iron Chef and on Ready, Steady Cook, the BBC cooking show. Food bloggers have a weekend to devise, make and write about some creation that uses the assigned four ingredients. For full details of how it works, see this post that includes the rules.

For some idea of what it comes out like, please see these two posts with links to many of the past events…

Thanks Ilva!

Food Blog Awards – Time To Vote

This year, I was again honored to be asked to help judge the annual Food Blog Awards, the prestigious awards for food bloggers that were started four years ago (I think – maybe it was three – I’m getting old) by Kate at Accidental Hedonist and then taken over by the other Cate at

Anyways, I and some other fantabulous judges, just finished a LONG weekend of looking at food blogs and picking finalists from the nominees. Now the time is right for everyone to go vote. So do that – go vote.

No axe to grind here except participation. There were a LOT of nominees and judging was tough – it took several go-rounds to shake out all five of the finalists in many categories. There were several categories where it was hard to pick five – I’d have preferred to pick seven, or ten or…

I found lots of new and new-to-me blogs as well as a host of already deservedly well-known blogs.

So go support your community and make your opinion known and felt…

Umm – not goodbye

It seems that quite a few took my most recent post (just below) to mean that I was giving up the blog altogether. Don’t know how they got that form my completely clear and lucid prose. 😉

In fact I am just saying goodbye to the Paper Chef (which lives on in Sweden – but I can’t tell you how to participate – to the shame of my ancestors I can’t speak or read Swedish). I haven’t been able to give it the care and attention it needed for a while and it was silly to pretend otherwise.

But I’m going to get back to my old haphazard blogging ways – in other words, when I feel like it. That is likely to mean chutney and also persimmon butter sometime soon.