Monthly Archives: November 2009

Recipe Search Much Improved

I spent a little time working on the multi-site recipe search and fixing some bugs and cleaning it up and trying to improve the way it gives you results so that the recipes presented are a little higher quality and there is a little less junk in there. And I succeeded!

So take a look – enter three ingredients in the boxes in the recipe search on the right hand side and see what you get!

What is interesting about this search? Well, it is searching across multiple sites and filtering the results based on the ingredients list. It uses searches from Google, Yahoo, and several other recipe sites and then uses Yahoo Pipes to filter, sort and otherwise clean up the results to give you a page of links to recipes that come from all over.

Migration basically finished

The recipe search is working again – remember this runs across LOTS of sites (between twenty and thirty) – try it in the right hand sidebar. Images are reloaded and connected. Despite the time it took it was actually a pretty painless migration even though I know there are broken links from an SEO perspective – I did not 100% exactly mirror the old URLs. But that is OK. The traffic will return – such as it was.