Working too long hours, working too hard, really crushes energy and creativity. What an original thought. But since I am not allowing myself to retract or edit (except typos), I must go on with this thought and transmute it into something good. At the moment the best I can think of is looking forward to when this $#@%# project is done. Kayaking in Vancouver, Costa Rican rivers, Hawaiian beaches or French countryside – all those thoughts can keep me going easily…even though I know I’ll never go, it’s the same as the reason you buy a lottery ticket. You don’t buy it to win, you buy it for the dollar worth of dreams it buys you about what you would do if you did win.

Haven’t been cooking, so no report on food. Maybe scones tomorrow. I now use palm oil (solid) for shortening since it has no trans fats. So, flour, palm oil, sugar, ground cardamom and cinnamon, maybe orange peel, some yoghurt and milk to bind it. Bake at 400 for ten minutes. That should be good…

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