I was trying to learn some new formatting to make this blog look a little nicer last night and I got immersed – just AFTER I put the noodles in the water to boil. A while later I wondered what the crackling sound was but couldn’t be bothered to find out. Since the vent fan was on I didn’t notice the burning smell until later. So then I had to rescue a pot of slightly burned noodles. I left the worst in the pot but took the rest out and put them aside. Then I made a killer double tomato carbonara.

Two Tomato Carbonara

dice about a quarter pound of high quality bacon. As it browns and the fat renders out, toss in half a large diced onion and let that brown. Pour of all the fat you can get off once the bacon is cooked. In the meantime, pour a cup of boiling water onto four ounces of sun dried tomatoes. When the bacon and onion is done, pour the tomato water into the pan and then slice the moistened dried tomatoes into thin strips. Throw them in the pan too. Get a handful of fresh herbs. I went out and picked some thyme, oregano and sage and chopped them. Add them to the pan too. Now add a squeeze of lemon, salt and pepper to taste. Stir this all together and then add four ounces of goat cheese and stir again to a common consistency. Now add half a pound of cherry tomatoes and the noodles and stir thoroughly to combine. Warm up to serve.

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