A bit of a food weekend. I got on a roll, thought I’d be enthusiastic. Little good it did me.

Anyway, I did come up with a KILLER recipe. We had a lot of really nice heirloom tomatoes laying around from our organic veggie box (we’ve been getting it for almost TEN years (with a two year hiatus when we lived in Sea Ranch)) and I thought back to those lost days of Summer in the South of France when it was always warm and sunny and in the evening you’d wander down to the town square and if you had the money you’d get the prix fixe tourist menu. An appetizer – usually onion soup. Followed by bifteck au poivre, frites and staggeringly good grilled tomatoes. Dessert was creme brulee by the way and you drank the house red by the carafe.

So I decided to take a shot at recreating those tomaters. And I did…near enough.

Fantastic Grilled Tomatoes

Heat the oven up to about 350 degrees. Get out a baking tray and slice your tomatoes in half – whatever quantity it is you want. I’d suggest to big or three small per person. You’ll be lucky to have leftovers.

Then get a chopper/food processor/blender. Either dump in about a cup of breadcrumbs, or put in about a quarter of a loaf of stale bread and MAKE breadcrumbs. Then peel eight cloves of garlic and throw them in. Get about half a cup of fresh herbs – any kind. I got some thyme and oregano from the garden. Put them in too. Add about a quarter cup of ground parmesan. Whiz all this together until it is well blended. Divide equally on top of the halved tomatoes. Drizzle each tomato with about half a teaspoon of olive oil. Sprinkle all this with sea slat to taste.

Cook in oven for about fifteen to twenty minutes. Turn up to broil and finish under the broiler until dark brown on top – about two minutes. But watch this – all depends on distance from broiler and your oven, etc.

Take out, serve, accept compliments. (Or if eating alone, dwell in satisfaction on your food)

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