Nothing to do with food for once!

The first two (and smallest) parts of the grand fencing project are almost done. The front fence on the right of our house is up but we need four more boards to finish it. This is a ‘good neighbour’ fence – the same on both sides and Jan and I are justifiably proud since we designed it. It has boards alternating on either side of a vertically set 2 by four but with no overlap so that straight on it looks solid but if you step to either side you can start to see through it, so it is airy and lets a little light through but provides us and our neighbours with privacy. The back fence is where the grapestakes come in. It is a straight rail and picket fence but the pickets are six foot long grapestakes so it makes an interesting and solid barrier around that edge of the pool. We stained it ‘sierra’ that makes it look rather orangey right now but will weather to a nice dark brown

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