Now that I have a real site it is time to celebrate its name properly by introducing my recipe for salsa. Not surprisingly, this involves tomatillas.

Salsa Cruda

You need a food processor or an electric chopper or some way to chop things up over a bowl so you don’t lose the juices. Standard recipe involves two pounds of tomatoes, one pound of tomatillas, two serrano chiles, a head of garlic, two lemons, two teaspoons of salt, two large bunches of cilantro.

Peel the garlic. Then the easy way is to chunk up the tomatoes and tomatillas so they fit nicely in the chopper or food processor, add the garlic, chiles, cilantro and chop everything roughly so that it doesn’t all end up exactly the same size. hard way is to do the same thing by hand. Then mix in the juice of the two lemons and the salt. Taste and adjust flavors with more lemon, salt or even tabasco.

Serve with chips or almost anything else.

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