True Grit

Over the weekend we all went to have brunch with some old friends who we haven’t seen in a very long time – Anthony and Carmen. They made a most excellent brunch and we caught up somewhat and saw their delightful new house. It was great to renew an old friendship and we have tentative plans to go see a movie. The girls had a good time too, as they always do with nice adults. There were a lot of other people going in and out, too, so it felt almost like a housewarming party (but not quite – we will have to save the bread and salt for another time).

Anyway, Anthony reminded me when I mentioned Tomatilla! to him that I used to make a very special grit dish – in fact I made grits so much we joked about opening a restaurant where all the dishes had grits in them…

It has been a long time, so I am going to hope I remember this right.

Mushroom Sesame Grits

You should use quick grits and these are just about the only kind you can buy at a supermarket anyway. Chop up about 8 ounces of mushrooms and heat a small pot to high with a bout a tablespoon of olive oil in it. As soon as the pot gets hot, put in the mushrooms and about a tablespoon of sesame seeds and then put a lid on the pot. Continue cooking for five minutes shaking the pot periodically. Then add about a tablespoon of soy sauce. Turn of the heat, shake one last time and let sit while you make the grits according to the package. You want grits for three people according to the package and then the above recipe will serve two.

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