The canny Scotsman (and other gross generalizations)

I am delighted and really annoyed at the same time. Alexander McCall Smith, author of the Number One Ladies’ Detective Agency and other books, has just started a daily serialization of a new novel in the Scotsman. Anyone who followed my flirtation with NaNoWriMo will realize that he gets bonus points for that. Plus it’s a canny thing to do.

But now we turn to the other Scotsman in the story – the newspaper this time. They have shown how canny they are, too. You can only get the serialization if you buy the newspaper. Which means that out here in California I can only get it if I buy the downloadable electronic edition. Over $100 for six months. That takes care of the other Scottish generalization I am committing. And makes me mad and sad.

You can check out the Scotsman for yourself and while you are at it, write them a letter.

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