The rain it raineth everyday

Which is unusual in California. We’ve had a straight five days of downpour. Last night we had lightning, thunder and hail added on. Every day the creek out back has risen and risen and then topped out just as it hits the first of the two banks. Earlier in the year it did actually make it over the first bank briefly, but not far enough to take out the idiot neighbour across the creek’s fence that he built on the flood plain. Last time it was high enough to do that was six years ago and he only built the fence two years ago.

Anyway, it was still a sight to see. Our creek that is four inches deep and about two feet wide all during the summer was about twelve feet deep and 30 feet wide and the water was moving about 15 miles per hour!

We are soggy but unbowed.

Tomorrow I hope to post the next installment in the review of Wednesday food supplements. One thing I have discovered in my reading so far is that Costco of all places makes one of the best rotisserie chickens in Northern California. The article did say, however, that their own roasted chicken was far, far better than any bought chicken. I could have told them that…here’s my method from one of my very first posts…

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