Less is more with pizza

I have been making a lot of simple pizzas lately for the kids’ lunch and fo parts of meals at other times. Over the past few years I have come to a realization that less is most definitely more when it comes to pizza. I now make one or two smallish pizzas that have very little if any tomato sauce and very litte cheese on them and that highlight the other ingredients. The most recent have been cherry tomato and green garlic pizzas with a third or fourth ingredient that varies. Today, for, example I added some pepper and onion chicken sausage and a few thin slices of yellow zucchini. I used no tomato sauce and I sprinkled pecorino romano cheese on just before sliding it in the oven. With so little cheese you sometimes have to finish off for a minute under the broiler to get a nice brown top without blasting the middle. The pizza looked and tasted wonderful and is also even more healthy than regular pizza. I am finding that a small amount of intensely flavored ingredients works really well.

Of course, these pizzas are devolved somewhat and some might suggest that they are closer to foccacia, but in fact, because of the thin pizza dough base I would disagree. Perhaps they fall somewhere in between a real Italian pizza and a pisaladiere?

In other news I am still fighting bouts of aimlesness and am pushing myself on the jobhunting front. My resume is due for overhaul after taking complete stock of my situation during an outplacement ‘class’. Perhaps I will link to it here – I guess it can’t hurt even though I don’t exactly go out of my way to publicize this blog.

I have to remember to write about oatmeal sometime. Also grilling, roasting, the alchemy of greens and soy sauce, cheese straws, crockpots and fresh fruit.

I am also thinking about reviving my ‘The Shooting Match’ blog and making the process a bit more public. I ground to a halt when I realised I had to comepletely reorganize the plot and so maybe I’ll do that first and then take a crack at just plowing through the writing.

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