Coming out of the cloud

Looking back I’ve been whining a lot lately. That’s probably because I’m gettting over the flu and since it is such a rare event that I get the flu, I tend to overreact and whinge and inflict myself on others a lot.

So – my apologies.

I am very excited about the Paper Chef. So far we have two possible ingredients (ginger and almonds) besides the mystery ingredient and the final decision will be posted here before Noon PST on Friday. I like ginger and almonds because we still have lots of possibilities – cakes, cookies, all kinds of other desserts. But also curries and stir fries and chutneys and fried things and many more.

I am creping cloder and closer on the big book project, too. The last week took a big lump out of the schedule but I am still trying to forge ahead.

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