Happy New Year!

The past year has been a bad one all around – for me and for the planet as a whole. I am going to choose to believe that out of adversity grows greater strength, out of muck, beauty.

There are plenty of possibilities to look forward to. The publishing company and book will finally get off the ground in January. I will find some work of some kind. Jan will get HER book taken on by someone. There has to be a vacation somewhere in the year!

And for my resolution. To look outward, not inward. To do things for other people more often, to support other people more often.

I could go on but I think I’m better off focusing on one thing and trying to do that rather than the usual ten and failing at them all.

Fog rolls over Pacific hills.

The North wind sends Alaskan chills.

Rain falls soft, then drumrolls on the roof.

Grey dark nets the sky with plaits.

Water gathers and waits

For the parched, reluctant earth to accept its proof

That, along with all the gloom

Comes the potential for another bloom

And for life to reassert its truth.

The hills that at sunset were brown and gray

And dry and baked and clay

Wake up to sunrise, green to meet the day.

Happy New Year to all of you and may all your recipes for food and life come out the way you’d like.

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