Paper Chef Entries

Well, we didn’t get a big turnout, but what a classy one!

There were only three entries for the inaugral Paper Chef event, but what entries they were! Just to remind you, here was the challenge:

Use the following four ingredients, plus any others you want to make something over a weekend and post about it.

1)Cilantro (coriander to you Europeans – AND to allow variety we will allow the seed form – which is coriander to everyone – and that means we can go sweet or savory with this event)

2)Ginger (any form)

3)Almonds (any form)

4)Winter squash (any kind) this is the seasonal ingredient. I’m thinking butternut, acorn, pumpkin, kabocha, etc.

Alberto over at Il Forno is to judge and once he makes his selection I will announce the winner.

Here are the entrants:

Carolyn Smith-Kizer at 18thC Cuisine with Squash in Almond Crust with Spicy Applesauce

Sam Beach of Becks & Posh with Spiced Marzipan Marmalade Tartlets

[UPDATE] Viv informs me that she is the Seattle Bon Vivant (which explains the name at least a little – and possibly her personality too??) with Curried Chicken and Squash Soup with Meyer Lemon and Ginger

Two desserts and a savory soup – yum!!!

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