The first ever Paper Chef Event – December 2004!

The final ingredients are:

1)Cilantro (coriander to you Europeans – AND to allow variety we will allow the seed form – which is coriander to everyone – and that means we can go sweet or savory with this event)

2)Ginger (any form)

3)Almonds (any form)

4)Winter squash (any kind) this is the seasonal ingredient. I’m thinking butternut, acorn, pumpkin, kabocha, etc.

Start as soon as you read this – and email a link to your entry about what you cooked before Sunday Noon PST.

Winner gets to put up the prestigious Paper Chef Winner icon (which will be supplied) and also some kind of prize. In this case it will be a free copy of “Digital Dish” – a compilation of the best food blog writing of the past year or so. The book will be published by Press For Change Publishing, the publishing company I am starting. You will start to se more details about the book online in the next month or so. The winner will have to wait until January to receive their prize, however.

Semi-Official Paper Chef Rules

On the first Friday of every month at some point prior to Noon PST, I will announce a list of four ingredients that must be used, along with any other ingredients you choose, to make a dish and then write about it by Noon PST on Sunday, 48 hours later. An impartial guest judge will pick the best sounding recipe to them and the winner will be awarded the “Paper Chef” title for that month along with a meaningless prize of no intrinsic value that I will donate. Anyone who wants to is welcome to submit ingredient ideas and all suitable ones will go onto a list. Three of the ingredients will be randomly picked from the list and the fourth will be seasonal or trendy or in the news in some way. If the list of four is totally unsuitable (maraschino cherries, english mustard, liver and suet) then we will redraw randomly until it is conceivable to cook with all four ingredients.

Ingredient suggestions go to the Paper Chef forum on Is My Blog Burning up to midnight the day before the event. Ingredients that are NOT selected will be rolled over for a month and then removed. Anyone can suggest one ingredient – not more.

No sign up is necessary to take part. Just send an email to [email protected] before Noon PST on the Sunday to point to your entry.

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