Greek Myth, food and Digital Dish

Another sighting has been made out there in the blogosphere (oh how I hate that word but it has become common currency). Breakfast With Pandora is a greek myth, writing and sometimes food site that is really refreshing. Who doesn’t like a Greek myth or two? And who doesn’t like to travel in the Greek Islands? It all takes me back to my carefree days when I had just graduated and took several vacations in a row to the Greek Islands – my favorites being Crete and Samos. I fondly remember treacly coffee with a glass of water every sun-stroked morning at the harbor front and long hikes into the interior accompanied by oregano, goats, olive trees, small streams, tiny villages and lunches made of bread and olives and cheese and tomatoes and salami. And I remember innumerable delicious meals of grilled seafood and robust salads and wine. All that is already a myth to me.

So it was a really nice surprise to get a little plug for the book from another purchaser (and a fan of Alberto‘s). Thank you, thank you!

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