Paper Chef #6 – Ready, Set, Go….

For May, 2005, the final ingredients are:

2)Almond paste – if you can’t get it, try ground almonds or almond flour or another nut paste (even peanut butter I suppose) or something nutty or a paste of some kind if you are allergic to nuts
3)White chocolate – or if you can’t get it another form of chocolate – or if you can’t do chocolate try carob or another sweet and fatty substance that is highly addictive of your choice
4)And the topical/seasonal ingredient? Strawberries (see post below) – if you live where they are not in season or you can’t/won’t eat them then substitute frozen or another red fruit or another fruit

This is the first clearly dessert only Paper Chef – having said that, the clever people who managed to do things like make truffles with eggplant will surely be able to make a fruit-nut mole with chillies for fish (or whatever)

Our judge this time around is David of A Banana in Australia (winner last month) BUT – he may bow out since his mailbox isfull and I’m not sure he got the notification. If he can’t do it, then I will.

Start as soon as you read this – and email a link to your entry about what you cooked before Monday Noon PST. Spectacular whining, preferably with stupendously creative excuses left in the comments area, may get you an extended deadline.

Winner gets to put up the prestigious Paper Chef Winner icon (which will be supplied) and also gets to judge next month (if they want).

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