A Nice Review

Well, Digital Dish, got reviewed today! A really nice review by a columnist for the Trentonian (the Trenton, NJ newspaper). It was also interesting to see that they understood the point of the book – that the writing is different than other food or cook books. Here’s a quick excerpt:

“I love food writing. Good food writing can take you to places you never imagined, and ideally, you can apply what you’ve read at home and net delicious results. Even if your favorite food is chicken fingers, let the excellent use of language enrich you, even if the recipes do not. Jeffrey Steingarten from Vogue is a favorite, and yes, I overlook the irony that a high-fashion mag has a food column. The lengths to which Steingarten will go to uncover the delicious secrets of his favorite foods, be it buffalo mozzarella, licorice, or fried chicken, awes me.

I am as equally awed with this collection, which is arranged by days of the year. Today’s recipe an Afrikaner offering from Kitsch’n’Zinc: Monkey gland sauce. No monkeys were harmed in the preparation of this sauce.”

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