Paper Chef #7: official start….

OK, here we go… For June, 2005, the final ingredients are:

1)Buttermilk (I guess you can substitute a mixture of plain yoghurt and milk if buttermilk is not available). For the lactose intolerant substitute any milky analog you like.
2)Medjdool dates – again, if you can’t get the specific medjdool, any other date will do
3)Honey – any kind – and if honey is not possible for some reason (allergies?) then any sweet substitute will do (splenda etc for diabetics)

4)And the topical/seasonal ingredient? Not terribly topical or seasonal but I made a decision about using the first ingredient I ran across in a news story today – and it is eggs…again, if eggs are a dietary no-no then substitute whatever non-egg substitute you normally use.

I like this one because it can go either way – not necessarily a sweet one.

By the way, I select the ingredients by using the sequence generator from This time around there were 20 ingredients including the last minute beet nomination.

Our judge this time around is Julie at A Finger in Every Pie (winner last month) BUT she isn’t 100% confirmed yet…

Start as soon as you read this – and email a link to your entry about what you cooked before Monday Noon PST. Spectacular whining, preferably with stupendously creative excuses left in the comments area, may get you an extended deadline.

Winner gets to put up the prestigious Paper Chef Winner icon (which will be supplied) and also gets to judge next month (if they want).

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