Food Blogs coming out of your ears

Well, there will be soon…

I finally got around to cleaning out my food weblog list that I keep over at Yahoo’s MyWeb (kind of automatic bookmarking on the web) and I have a list of 345 food blogs in it. Now some of them have probably closed down since I added them to the list, but that’s still a LOT of food blogs. Also remember that I don’t add EVERY food blog – these are the ones that I think are interesting in some way and that might be of interest for including in Digital Dish 2.0 if I ever sell enough of Digital Dish to do a second one.

Anyway, I am going to post the list over at Press For Change Publishing as a community resource. That’ll be in a day or two. I’ll let you know here when I get it up – probably broken down alphabetically kind of like kiplog does. And of course, there’s a LOT of overlap in our listings but not completely. The kiplog list is 609 sites by the way but they aren’t all blogs. Regardless, it’s an awful lot of blogs. If you include all the French and the burgeoning Asian, Italian and German food blogs I’m sure there are more than a thousand now!


  1. My current count is 507 current (or at least live) English language food blogs. Not including the wine blogs. I probably have another 30 on a list to check and add.

    I really didn’t think anybody else was as crazy as me to try to keep a list so big. I’m looking forward to seeing how many I’ve missed.

  2. well, what I used to do was just save them to favorites as I found them – and it was mostly for considering them for invites to submit to Digital Dish the book I did. But I have kept going (in the hopes of a Digital Dish 2.0) and I now keep them in Yahoo’s MyWeb 2.0. I do NOT include any commentary like you do – I’m totally amazed at the amount of time you put into it!

  3. Hi Owen, I don’t know if you’ve discovered my San Francisco-based food blog, In Praise of Sardines, yet (it’s only been around a couple of months). If not, I humbly submit my link to you below (just call me number 346). I’d be honored if you stop by some time.

  4. Thanks for the link! Funnily enough I had heard of you and you are on a visit list I keep (to add to my big list) so I’ll jump you to the top of the queue now!

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