Nominations needed for the Paper Chef

It is that time again – the turn of the month is upon us and nominations are needed for ingredients for the next Paper Chef. From this list three ingredients will be chosen as well as an additional seasonal/topical ingredient. Please only nominate once per month and only nominate things that are actually edible and not totally disgusting and gross.

The current ingredient list is:

Sausage, dried fruit, berries, eggplant, summer squash, star anise, shrimp, scallops, cherries, wasabi, tomatoes, pears, fresh coconut, something you get from a neighbour’s garden, walnuts and lavender.


  1. How about sweetcorn?
    And I hope I can actually get my entry out of the starting gate and into the oven (or whatever) this month!

  2. Hi owen! I’m back after a loong hiatus! I’m sorry i didn’t take part the last time (few times actually). But I’d like to come back! =) And I’d like to suggest another ingredient: duck! only because i’m back in singapore and duck is finally not expensive =)

  3. .
    is beancurd the same thing as tofu? if not, then i nominate tofu!

    if they are the same, then i nominate instead…very small fish 🙂 i looooove anchovies and sardines lol!

  4. by the way, owen…monday, the 5th is a holiday (labor day – US)…so are we still posting our entries on monday? or does it extend until tuesday?

  5. Owen – nice idea to join up the two events – Paper CHef #9 in support of the IMBB Launch cook-off. If you can guarantee me beer I’ll make the announcement over at IMBB

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