So, in honor of the Paper Chef and virtual IMBB parties for this weekend I hurried off to the Oakland City Center Farmers Market at lunchtime, late because of work. I wanted things to go with beer, shrimp, sausage and tomatoes. Tomatoes would in fact be one of those things, so three pounds of organic beefsteak toms at $1 per pound went in a bag first. Then I saw a nice $1 bunch of organic broccolli rabe and a bunch of organic cilantro (also $1). It would have been two bunches of cilantro but as I grabbed the second (and last) a despairing cry went up so I let someone else have it.

But in the back of my mind was the guy further along who I saw two weeks ago. And there he was. Live crayfish (crawdads) for $5 a pound (or $4 a pound if you get 5 pounds which I did). Those guys will make a real Lousiana dish for the weekend!

I also scored organic raspberries and a couple of HUGE bunches of basil. I’m thinking a straightforward crawfish boil with taters and corn and lots of spice (maybe cooked with beer?!) accompanied by a mound of rice with shrimp and tomatoes. Greens on the side.