OK – although I am deeply in the hole from producing the first Digital Dish, it was and is a labor of love, not one of profit. In addition, since I have a somewhat more than regular full time job, I need to get myself going well in advance. So I am going to go ahead and ASSUME that I will be in a position to bring out a second edition of Digital Dish, covering another set of five seasons of the freshest recipes and writing from food blogs around the world. If you don’t know what I am talking about, then please check the site out.

So, I am asking for food bloggers to let me know via the email at the publishing company contact page, or in other words, at i n f o @ p r e s s f o r c h a n g e . c o m if they are interested in being considered for inclusion. Don’t send submissions – just let me know that you are interested and the URL to your blog. Please don’t nominate other people – instead let them know about it and make the decision for themselves! But do please feel free to link here or spread the word other ways.

Also, if you would like to order the book, please do it either right here or at one of the other blogs that is in the book that has a link on their page. All the authors get more money that way.

I have my own list of over 500 food blogs that I find interesting that I will invite personally over the next couple of months. This time around I expect to include over 100 food blogs with fewer contributions from each blog.

OK – let’s see where the adventure takes us this time!