Last call for Paper Chef Ingredient Nominations for Paper Chef #13

Ingredient nominations close at the end of the day on Thursday. So far the list is:

Parsnips, sweetcorn, apples, red peppers, seaweed, rice, carrots, a root vegetable, basil, fish sauce, butternut squash, scallions, little fishes, quinoa, anchovies, olives, yoghurt, barley, fennel, pumpkin (or any squash) seeds, fancy vinegar, cranberries, cream of rice, cornish hens, honey, something derived from a goat (meat, milk, cheese, yoghurt, butter, etc), rocket, cashews, macadamia nuts, pomegranate molasses and hot bean paste.

Then Friday morning we pick out the three random ingredients and the special seasonal or topical ingredient and kick the event off at Noon. From there you’ll have the weekend to make a dish that uses all four ingredients plus any others you wish and post about it to your blog by Monday at noon.

If you want to find out more about the judging, judges and special Aussie flavor to this month’s event visit our pal (and last month’s winner) the 2-minute Noodle Cook.

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