Paper Chef Coming Up Fast! Thanksgiving Holiday in the Way! What Next?

Actually it’s pretty simple. It is time to nominate new ingredients. Rules are simple – anyone can nominate one ingredient – any ingredient as long as it is not objectionable. A few ingredients are banned since they got used last time. Those would be basil, lamb, orange and fish sauce.

The current list is:
Parsnips, sweetcorn, apples, red peppers, seaweed, rice, carrots, a root vegetable, basil, fish sauce, butternut squash, scallions, little fishes, quinoa, anchovies, olives, yoghurt, barley, fennel, pumpkin (or any squash) seeds, fancy vinegar, cranberries, cream of rice, cornish hens and honey.

[Note – I took out Halloween Candy since it might be harder to get now…]

We will do some kind of celebratory theme this time around for the holidays and to celebrate the beginning of the second year of Paper Chef.

Oh – and the event itself kicks off next Friday December 2nd at Noon PST or thereabouts.


  1. This time round we have a panel of Aussie food bloggers/foodie as judges for a bit of extra fun – don’t worry as we won’t change the season or make you cook with out of season produce :). Ho, ho, ho (evil laughter fading away…)

  2. keep them coming! By the way kevin, you get another go – oranges are out this month since they were a chosen ingredient last month.


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