Paper Chef slight delay

Due to lots and lots and lots of work and the fact that this month crept up on me (why do they keep the calendar such a secret?) we are pushing Paper Chef back a week this month. That way that inimitable world ruler (read the comments…) Magic Tofu can have some time to prepare to rule judge the next Paper Chef properly…

So Paper Chef will start on Friday February 10th at about noon and end Monday Feb 13th at about noon.

Ingredient nominations are now open (one suggestion per person in the commetns pleaswe) and I’ll have the list of what ingredients are available up shortly.


  1. I can alreay announce that the judging will be done by my partner Fufu and I. Since we’ll be off to Toronto this comming weekend, this short delay will make our task much easier.

  2. I nominate… wattleseed. I hope everyone has received their spice samplers by now :). Only 2 samplers left…

  3. Hmmm, Valentine’s Weekend? I nominate pomegranates because they’re red (who knows if I can find some here; have never looked or cooked with them!).

  4. Wow… you guys like sweet ingredients!

    being the next judge, I wonder if I can nominate an ingredient.

    I guess I’ll try anyway! Since Valentine day is comming I suggest flowers (think edible flowers, saffron, lavender, chamomille, etc).

  5. Cyndi, it is probably easier than you think to use flowers. To me broccoli is a flower and so is cauliFLOWER! And again, you’d be surprised about how much stuff you can do using herbal teas (e.g. chamomille) or rose water or orange flower water. And we push the envoloppe a bit further you could use honey, which is made from flowers by bees.

  6. oh yeah, I forgot about how we really can “stretch” the ingredients–like eggs are “baby chickens.” But you know, if flowers end up on the list, I might try something really different (for me). I’m up to the challenge (taking a deep breath and pounding on chest)!

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