Paper Chef #16 The round or the movie edition

OK – here we go. The four ingredients are:

Basil – that one’s pretty straightforward
Verjuice – that one isn’t. Please feel free to substitute freely (grape juice or even wine will sub here).
Prawns/Gambas – obvious but again – feel free to substitute all those allergic or challenged as to source or vegetarian.

and finally – an ingredient inspired by the movies in honor of the Oscars.

There are some potential bonus options.

Make something round or ring shaped in honor of the Olympics or the World Cup or March Madness.

Make something to eat while watching the Oscars.

As usual entries in comments here or to me via email at owenl1998 at yahoo dot com.

Feel free to throw out some questions too.


  1. Wait, I’m confused (or it’s just too late on a Friday)- what’s the 4th ingredient- is it the round factor? Help!

  2. Ok, I need some guidance too as I am new to this event and I need to start somewhere. When is the deadline for the event?

  3. the full rules are in the previous post (go back to the main page and scroll down just a little).

    The ingredients are basil, verjuice, prawns and something from the movies.

    Hope that helps…

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