Paper Chef Ingredient Nominations Now Closed

The final list is:

Something derived from a goat (meat, milk, cheese, yoghurt, butter, etc), rocket (arugula), macadamia nuts, pomegranate molasses, hot bean paste, chestnuts, grits, chicken thighs, ham, kale, dried beans, miso, simple syrup, buffalo (bison), veal scallopine, chocolate, wattleseed, lemons, pomegranates, flowers, cinnamon, gambas/prawns, verjuice, lavender, broccoli raab, lemongrass, coffee, maple syrup, ground coriander, basil and a spikey plant like cactus (nopales!) or nettles.

I will put up a summary later today and the final ingredient list by 5PM – and we’ll give people until Tuesday at noon since this is a late start for us.

And one more new twist. Since the winter olympics just ended and the world cup is coming up and the american college basketball championships (absolutely the best basketball competition in the world) aka March Madness are upon us AND it is Oscar weekend and people will be sitting a-ROUND the TV watching, we are going to take the common element from all of those and ask people to make something with a round or ring-shaped theme for bonus creativity points! And for extra points if it is the basis of an Oscar party or gathering that will double your imaginary bonus points.


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