Lots of parties

I know that I am holding fire on announcing a Paper Chef winner – especially since the next one is due to kick off pretty shortly! So that’ll come later today.

In the meantime I just need to record a few notes about things I have cooked recently so they don’t slip my brain entirely. We hosted a few parties lately and I actually got to make some new things that came out well. So, in no particular order, with recipes to follow later:

mushroom and onion puff pastry tartlets
pork tenderloin stuffed with sundried tomatoes and goat cheese in a red wine sauce
roasted root vegetables
basic bruschetta
red wine and paprika marinated chicken
polenta slices with heirloom tomatoes
A twist on kir
Fresh heirloom tomato and garlic sauce for pasta

there was probably more but that is all I remember.


  1. Thank goodness for cooler weather. I love roasted root veg and pork loin roast! Yum…..can’t wait to start cooking again after being away for a week and a half!

  2. Hi, me again (using my first name this time). Since I notice a lot of your co-bloggers live in my neck of the woods, I thought I’d post a little note here: If anyone in the Portland, OR area wants free quinces, my tree is exploding. I can’t make paste and jelly fast enough, and have taken to simply draping them all over the house as nature’s air fresheners. I have about 30 pounds in my kitchen, and more on the tree. Contact me at my blog.

    Owen, I am waiting with bated breath for the next Paper Chef! Hope autumn is treating you well.

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