Paper Chef 25 Starts now – the Home Edition

OK – a couple of hours late, but here we go…

The theme for this edition of Paper Chef is ‘Home.’ That means that the fourth ingredient is ‘something you already have in your home’ – you can’t go out and buy it – you have to look around and use something. If the cupboard is bare then you may have to make water the special ingredient! A reminder, the other ingredients are chile peppers, smoked swordfish (or if you can’t manage that, any smoked fish, and if you are a vegetarian, something smoked) and eggplant or aubergine. You should create a dish, cook it and write about it on your blog before next Wednesday the 12th at Noon PST. The full rules (such as they are) are here.

And as for meeting the theme – be creative. Something that reminds you of home; a homely or basic dish; a universal comfort food; etc. Have fun! And send links to the postings to my email or add them in comments here so I can go check them out…


  1. First!

    I made a Smoky Green Curry Seafood Chowder. I was so excited to get started that I made this for dinner on Friday.

    Check out recipe and photo at my blog, Gild the Voodoolily.

    I can’t get smoked swordfish here, so I substituted smoked mussels (which, incidentally, I already had). However, I used fumet for my “something you already have.”


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