Ilva’s Bringing Paper Chef Back!

OK, stop whatever else you are doing and rush right over to Lucullian Delights, Ilva’s totally lovely food blog where she is relaunching Paper Chef. I am so happy that she has taken this on and while I will always think of it as my baby I have had to acknowledge that I can’t run it anymore, so I am so very grateful that she has taken it on. We are in the ingredient nomination phase right now – go forth and nominate!

3 responses to “Ilva’s Bringing Paper Chef Back!

  1. Thanks Owen, let’s hope there will be new and old participants and that PC will be brought back to it’s true glory! I’ll do my best!

  2. I participated a few times in your Paper Chef and it led to some great inspirations. I’m glad someone is picking this up!

  3. Yay! I just found this on Is My Blog Burning, and am so happy that Ilva picked it back up.

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