Food issues have been off for a little while. I’m working hard, there’s a lot to do at home and so my mind hasn’t been properly engaged when I’ve cooked. Nothing worth writing up, anyway. Let’s see…I made the kids a halfway decent stir-fry the other night. Used up some left-over roast chicken, left-over ground beef, peas, onion and, of course, left over rice. Make it taste decent with soy sauce, garlic, touch of vinegar and the secret ingredient that I just got at Trader Joe’s – pureed crystallized ginger.

We had a freezer issue the other day as well. One of the girls left the freezer door open by acident and we lost some meat and a LOT of seafood. Other things made it through but wioth cosmetic issues. I cooked one of these – wild mushroom ravioli – with a nice caramelized onion, basil and tomato sauce and peas and a fresh tomato and red and yellow pepper salad on the side. The sald was really good – those fresh from the farm organic vegetables really make a difference!

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