So now I do feel a little less like ripping someone’s head off – a little. Nothing like running right back to the same old problems to spoil a good workout.

Time to think about food again I think. Dessert this time. A recent creation proved pretty successful.

Peach-Cherry Triflettes

For four you need four very small bowls – like sauce dipping cups. You need two peaches, a tub of mascarpone cream, some sugar, some cherry syruo, some chocolate syrup and some graham crackers. First whip about two tablespoons of sugar in the mascarpone. Halve the peaches and put one half in each cup. Drizzle with cherry syrup (to be honest raspberry or apricot would work better probably). Spoon out a quarter of the mascarpone and smooth it out over the peach until all you have is a flat mascarpone surface. Sprinkle on carefully crushed graham cracker crumbs and then drizzle on a little chocolate syrup. Refrigerate for an hour or so. One BIG warning – it is only really as good as the peaches. If you can’t get soft, ripe fresh ones, I’d use canned over hard fresh ones…

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