So in the midst of all our usual weekend insanity (soccer, birthday parties, novel writing, work around the house, etc.) we also had some friends come to dinner. I made a nice pilaf from the rice cooker cookbook that is a companion to the excellent bread machine cookbook and we had lamb sausages (they brought them) grilled and then quickly warmed in a tomato red pepper sauce. Plus a salad and kale and pan fried butternut and delicata squash.

Blackcurrant rum froth

Then for dessert I made something I remembered from the dim and distant past. I beat the pasteurized egg whites (no Salmonella so OK to eat raw!) with sugar and blackcurrant syrup. Kids had that and then I added in some rum for adults. Light, airy, fluffy and delicious (and simple). There was a lot left over – I made eight eggs worth and should have made four at most – so I beat in a bit more sugar and baked the left overs at 250 degrees for two hours to make meringues. All very satisfactory.