Too full, slow day

Glub. We ate too much yesterday. Today was a quiet day. Grace wrote or dictated 5000 words. I wrote about 300. (Well, so far). We ate leftovers – lots of leftovers. Cleaned the house, wrote, did odd jobs and so forth.

I did make one new thing. We skipped lunch and about 4 o’clock everyone was hungry, so I made smoked trout pate sandwiches with apple slices.

Smoked Trout and Apple sandwiches

I opened two tins of smoked trout. Available from the endlessly useful Trader Joe’s. I mashed them up in a bowl with about two thirds of a cup of cream cheese. I ground in some coarse black pepper. I sliced a nice rustic italian loaf of bread. I sliced a fresh, crisp, organic fuji apple. I made open face sandwiches with the bread, a couple of spoonfuls of smoked trout pate and a few slices of apple. MUCH, much better than it sounds – and it sounds good!

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