The best baked fried chicken

OK – Grace said this was the best chicken she had ever eaten.

I used chicken legs but you can use any cut up parts.

Best baked/fried chicken

First get about a quarter of a loaf of old dried out bread. Blend it in the blender to make breadcrumbs. Then mix in about three tablespoons of any dried herbs you like, a tablespoon of garlic powder, a tablespoon of salt and a tablespoon of ground pepper. Remove the skin if you can from the chicken pieces (I don’t bother to do this on wings). Then cut deep slashes to the bon in each piece of chicken. Put the chicken pieces in a bowl and dump on two cups of good quality plain yoghurt. Mix it in thoroughly so each piece is coated, even into the slashes. Let it sit in the fridge for an hour.

Turn the oven on to 400 degrees. Get out enough baking sheets to hold the chicken. Put a little oil on each of them to thinly coat the bottom. Put the breadcrumb mixture in a bowl. One at a time take each piece of chicken and roll it in the crumb mixture until coated thoroughly, then put them on the tray in a single layer. Drizzle or spray a small amount of oil on top of each piece. Bake for 15 minutes until the bottom is turning brown. Turn each piece over and bake for another 15 to twenty minutes. Check for doneness. If not done, turn again and bake for another ten minutes. Repeat until done.

Superb hot. Good cold.

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