Ants everywhere

Home again and ants are everywhere since the rainy season has started. There isn’t really anything for them to eat although they sense the sugar and hover around the container nervously hoping that it will seep through by osmosis.

Greens with sausage

My brother is visiting and I made some pasta with cilantro pesto and some really nice greens with smoked turkey and cranberry sausages I picked up at Trader Joe’s. I used yellow chard and baby spinach. Just chop up the sausage roughly, fry it in a little olive oil (this is a low fat sausage) until a bit hot and ad the chard stems all diced up. When they start to soften, add the chard leaves and then the spinach, waiting each time until the greens wilt. Then at the end add a little salt. It was really good. The cranberry somehow worked really well in the combination. But you can use any sausage type meat just as well.

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