Fences and Christmas Trees

Spent the morning working at the Christmas Tree lot that gives some of the proceeds to the kids’ swim team in return for the parents’ volunteer labor. Lots of lifting, cutting and getting covered in sap. At least it smelled nice and it was a nice day.

At the same time the fence crew got started on the metal fence. It looks fantastic and we have now finished the fence along the side next to the empty house. The other side neighbours are getting more relaxed about it all. The pool cover is in. We have a new kitchen stove and we are about out of remodelling money. Oh well.

I am planning to make roast butternut squash, greens and chicken breasts with garlic, mushrooms and cilantro sauce in puff pastry for dinner. We are going over to a friends house but bringing the food…

If you want recipes you’ll have to ask…let’s see if that gets anyone to make comments…

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