Brunch can be bad, brunch can be good

I’m not really a fan of brunch. It is hard to wait that long to eat and then if you do you eat too much. If you have a quickie breakfast first then you still eat too much. On the other hand brunch food can be really, really good. We went over to the pim house on Sunday for brunch and Teri made quiches – tasty but extraordinarily fattening. I made hash browns and greens.

Hash Browns

To do these right you need a very big non-stick pan. Grate up however many potatoes you need. Put about three tablespoons of oil in the pan and turn it on very high. For the first batch I used bacon grease and for the second I used olive oil. Put grated potato in the pan to a depth of about a third of an inch and pat it down hard until it is dense. Sprinkle on salt and pepper in generous amounts. No just let it sit for at least ten minutes. No peeking, no prodding. After ten minutes, check if the underneath is properly browned. If so, you should be able to carefully flip the whole thing in one go. Let it cook for about six minutes on the other side. Repeat as necessary to cook all the grated potato. You can add other things like sage, rosemary, garlic, onion, etc.

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