As promised, the update on the Wednesday food sections…

…which were basically abysmal this week. Clearly all the gay marriages in San Francisco are not only tearing apart my marriage, all the other marriages in America and the rest of the world and destroying the most important institution of civilization, but they are also doing something much more serious: they are putting the food writers of America off their stride.

Nevertheless, we press on. Here are four rather mild article of interest this week.

A very sweet and interesting article about a chef from the Ivory Coast and his mother.

A search for the best rotisserie chicken in the Bay Area. As previously mentioned. One of the top six was from Costco. Other standouts included Gira Polli, Cafe Rouge, Ill Pollaio, Lola’s and the grandly named Mistral Rotisserie Provencal. There used to be another Gira Polli in Walnut Creek near where we live and I fondly remember calling up and ordering a family meal (roast chicken, roast potatoes, bread and salad and braised chard all for twenty something dollars) and then picking it up on our way to the outdoor Shakespeare festival in Orinda.

Mushroom time in the Bay area with all the rain. Some mushroom types, advice and recipes.

Homage to the tuna fish sandwich with an emphasis on New York. Lots of nice ideas for fancying up your own, too.

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