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I often miss the local papers on Wednesday’s and that is when the food sections all seem to be, so I am going to try to catch them online and provide links to the worthwhile articles I find – just for the heck of it…

So here goes.

Food science – new trend in high-end gastronomy (and even somewhat at the lower end – see Cook’s Illustrated and America’s Test Kitchen). The Fat Duck restaurant at Bray is run by a devotee and he just got his third Michelin star so not only is it trendy but people are liking it. But be prepared for some wild flavor and texture combinations. [Link]

Salt Cod – ancient food, popular in the US in tapas bars, lots of uses, keeps well, easy to cook with at home. [link requires registration]

The best of the bunch this week – really interesting article about medieval and other ancient kitchens and cooking. Ranges from swordfighting through the King James Bible to Pease Pudding. [link requires registration]

Mustard Greens – springtime in the Bay Area and the yellow flowers are blooming everywhere: ditches by the road, on the hillsides, in the fields and all through the vineyards of Napa and Sonoma. But this isn’t about the yellow spicy relish. This is about the green spicy greens. [link]

America’s obsession: not the Atkins diet, not hamburgers, not ice cream. It’s corn syrup. In everything. And it may well be responsible for the surges in diabetes and obesity. So read labels…or better yet, stop eating food that has sugar added gratuitously. [link]

Boiled meat: it doesn’t have to be grey. It doesn’t have to be tasteless. It’s on the way back. [link requires registration]

Nigella Lawson, self-acclaimed domestic goddess and good cook on basic baking. Chocolate cake, banana bread and cookies – just what you need after being put off by the corn syrup article. [link requires registration]

If you like this or don’t like it, click on the comment link below and let me know…

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