I will probably tinker with colors and I am definitely going to add some other things in both the left and right columns. I will probably slowly try to add some photography as well. But I am happy with the three column grid and the way it scales nicely as you change the window size. I also have a basic header and footer, so that makes a pretty basic publishing grid and I’m going to stick with that.

I personally like the green orange and gray color scheme but that too may evolve over time.

I don’t think I ever wrote about why this is called Tomatilla. Basically it comes from the very first recipe that I came up with that I thought worthy of giving to other people and which other people actually asked me for, thus at least partially confirming the first part.

Tomatilla Salsa

The recipe was for a tomatilla salsa made with fresh tomatillas, fresh tomatoes, cilantro, fresh green chillies, garlic, lemon juice and salt. Proportions didn’t matter that much as long as you used at least a bunch of cilantro, half a head of garlic and at least one green chilli, plus plenty of tomato and tomatilla. The real secret was and is in how to chop it. You can’t use a food processor or a blender – you get too much liquid. The best way is by hand but it is a lot of work – you can’t let it be too coarse either. I had a little chopper that went with one of those electric stick blenders. It didn’t hold a lot, but if I very roughly chopped up the ingredients and did them in batches in that they came out perfectly. Alas the stick blender died and salsa hasn’t been quite the same since.