Mission Accomplished

The beer is bottled and very nice it is too. One of the nicest parts about bottling beer is that you can taste it (making sure to maintain proper sterility for the beer that actually goes into bottles).

Now the more microbiologically inclined of you will have figured something out about tasting the beer at this point. Since it has been fermenting in a container with an airlock, no gas has built up in the liquid and so it isn’t fizzy. So what. Beer isn’t really meant to be all hat fizz anyway and you can tell why with homebrew. The taste comes out in huge, powerful waves.

So how does this rate on a scale of 1 to 10? About a 10.5. This may be the best beer I have ever made. It is fairly bitter – which I like and which isn’t surprising since I let it sit for two weeks too long, the hops had that much more time to release bitter oils into the beer. But it is balanced with a rich complex malt. It is a strong beer. It won’t be terribly clear – there is just too much yeast growth so there’ll be sediment in all the bottles – but that doesn’t affect the taste and can be eliminated by careful pouring.

I took a couple of pictures so I may get to put them up online.

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