May Day and Kerry Fundraiser

Well, we finally decided to do something, so we are having a fundraising dinner for John Kerry and/or MoveOn. We picked May 1st since it is a Saturday and since it has all kinds of good vibe associations to go with it.

Now comes the important part – picking a menu. I’m thinking about a mildly Spanish Mediterranean theme. We’ll need food that is easy to make, can reheat easily or can be cold and that will be attractive to a wide range of people. I’ll keep you all posted on what I come up with but for now the obvious things to include are some form of chicken dish, several interesting salads, some really good bread, a torta, sangria, homebrewed beer, asparagus, etc.

The pool is already ready. It is running at about 78 degrees with the solar panels and nice new automatic cover. I got it cleaned out and chemically balanced a while ago. We just replaced our ‘creepy-crawly’ (that’s what we call it) automatic pool cleaner with a new one and that is happily keeping things clean.

Expect a food update later in the week…

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