Kerry Party Menu

OK, more or less got the menu sorted out for the kerry bash. Went with ease of production over other considerations, so it doesn’t match my previous expectations…


Crudites with fava bean hummus and cilantro romescu sauce

Grilled artichoke and garlic chicken sausages with mustard and cilantro romescu sauce

Asparagus, green garlic and fresh mozzarella pizzetas

Main Meal

Spicy baked ‘fried’ chicken with paprika and garlic

Grill-your-own bread

Grilled eggplant

Grilled asparagus

Slow-grilled butterflied leg of lamb marinated in red wine, coriander, ginger and pepper (alternative version marinated in honey, mustard and lemon)

Large green house salad

Vegetarian pasta salad in a nicoise style


Fresh Pineapple

Blackberry and strawberry trifle

kiwifruit tarts

That should do it…

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