Mid Preparation

OK, the trifle(s) are made. One (larger) has half a bottle of sherry in it for adults and the other (smaller) has blackcurrant syrup diluted used instead of sherry. Both are made with lady fingers smeared with blackberry and blackcurrant jam and with fresh blackberries and strawberries (organic of course) and with a total of a gallon of vanilla custard.

The baked fried chicken is made – this time with buttermilk, herbes de provence, sea salt and hot smoked paprika.

The lamb legs are butterflied and marinating. Two with two cups of red wine, half a head of garlic minced, three tablespoons ground coriander, two tablespoons of herbes de provence, a tablespoon of sweet smoked paprika and some sea salt and ground black pepper. The third is marinating in a mix of spicy mustard, local wildflower honey and rubbed sage.

Pasta salad with nicoise olives, greek feta, sweet 100 cherry tomatoes, the finely chopped top of a green garlic, chopped cucumber and two large handfuls of fresh oregano, lavender and sorrel from the herb garden.

The fava bean hummus is made with fresh boiled fava beans, tahini, lemon juice, two heads of green garlic, a fresh spring onion and lots of olive oil – also salt.

Next up the pizzetas and then start things going for the grill.

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