Organic boxes are CHEAPER…

…not just than buying the same veggies at a grocery store but than buying the non-organic equivalent at a grocery store!

So you have absolutely no excuse whatsoever if you actually do cook your own food.

I know some singles say they can’t eat it all – mostly what they really mean is that they don’t cook at home often enough to use the veggies, but I know many singles who share with a friend. And yes, it can be a stretch to use all of something you get a LOT of and don’t like that much. But it STILL works out cheaper.

And all of the above ignores the incontrovertible fact that CSA vegetable boxes provide fresher, higher-quality produce than you will ever get from a store. I have NEVER EVER eaten better strawberries or tomatoes than I get every Spring and Summer from Terra Firma – and that includes homegrown – they are professionals after all.

So, from now on I don’t want to hear excuses. Admit you can’t or won’t for no good reason or sign up. Check with The CSA Center to find one near you.

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