Business Networking

Now that I am actively looking for work again, I have been exploring all kinds of avenues to find the kind of job I want (in charge of editorial/content at a moderate to large company – particularly their website). I have been looking at business networking websites – kind of like Friendster but specifically for business networking. It is pretty interesting. I like LinkedIn the best because it does the best job of really connecting you across people you know to other useful contacts in other companies or businesses. Ryze is also good but it is better for putting up a kind of online business card that you can direct people to – the networking part seems to be more about creating online forums for businesspeople to meet in.

For those of you who didn’t know, I was most recently Editor-In-Chief of Sun Microsystems’ website. The main one – they actually have five large ones that are big enough to be treated as separate entities and I was in charge of content direction for the main one Even bigger is actually the Java site and there are other developer and software sites as well. Anyway, my job was really about setting overall strategies and direction for content and trying to put together new tools and vehicles for content – not so much about day-to-day editing (although there was some of that too).

So if you are interested in business networking take a look at LinkedIn.

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